Birthday Bonanza Artist Showcase!

The weekend of my birthday I threw a wonderful celebration, connecting artists I have met during my first year in Vancouver, and it was a rocking good time! I’m currently in the editing process to put together clips from the show, but thought I’d share this little teaser.

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New Year, New Website, New Vibration!

2019 has arrived !

There is a lot of movement in the cosmos, which means we are off to a great start! I am back in Vancouver after a wonderful rest up in Toronto. Spending time with family and friends has been a wonderful, but now it is on to the momentum of creative endeavors!

I was able to record two Podcasts this month: the first with my good friend Mel Worku, as we talk about our favourite movies of 2018; the second with musician Michael McDonnell, his Podcast All About the Song has been a great success and I was totally happy to catch up with him and discuss music over the last several years! I’ll post links for both shows in February when they air!

As I’ve been settling back into the West Coast energy, I’ve been compiling writing for my first book, Showcase Pilot, and continuous world building for my Cosmic Trilogy Features! Still lots of work to be done, but setting all of the best intentions into the universe to persevere and succeed in bringing these dreams into reality! An open call for writers and collaborators will be posted soon as well, as I gear up for this year’s productions.

I’ve started up a new website to create a better platform to present my ideas and work. I’m really excited to share with you all what I’ve been up to, so stay tuned!

Love and Light!



New Face! New Monologue Videos!

I’ve finally decided to shave down my three year beard but as a send off I’ve been working away in my little studio nest crafting scenes and monologues from some of my favourite characters. Allowing an imprint of my look to come off, but explore how facial hair really plays a part in the molding of a character too.

As I shifted into a goatee the first character I have wanted to explore was Bryan Cranston’s Emmy Award winning portrayal of Walter White from Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad. By far the start of the Golden Age of Television. This one scene in particular holds no bars in his decent into Heisenberg!

Though he was clean shaven in the original scene, I worked with Tyrion Lannister’s monologue during his sentencing and trial in Season 4 Episode 6. It was fun to get to articulate and play with his voice and tonality!

As I shaved down into a mustache the only character that deserves recognition is Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of by far one of the greatest characters to step into cinematic history - that of Daniel Plainview from Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. I explored his first intro monologue as well as the final scene we all love - I Drink Your Milkshake!!

Expect more fun work to come! But let that cool you off in the meantime! Have a scene from Her in the editing room coming too, so stay tuned!

Love and Light,


Sarah Kane’s Crave - A's Monologue

So the first of hopefully many videos I am to produce in a string of monologues and cinematic interpretations of text is Sarah Kane’s Crave and my performance of A's monologue, it is now uploaded onto YouTube and I’m super excited to share it with the world.

Check it out and have all the feels!!

This was a powerful piece first introduced to me by Ashley Ann Caggianello who directed it during our time at Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies at U of T and brought me on as Sound Designer! We had a wonderful creative team along with the most brilliant actors you can imagine. I'm still inspired by them to this very day.

This piece has been on my mind and taped to my wall for the last five years. It's an expression of love, longing and heartbreak, but with that comes a release of hope, growth and maturity. I shot it with a very intimate private approach and hope it resonates with you all as much as it does with me.

During this time of Venus in Retrograde and just entering the sign of Scorpio, relationships have been tested and our hearts are the most important battle we must fight for. Love yourself as much as you love others, don't let the pain linger, but give birth to something wonderful.



King Snake Crawl

Happy to share a new video for The Sun Harmonic (Kaleb Hikele)'s new side project,

King Snake Crawl, and the release of their new EP!

"We Are Not Alone" is hard rocking track about aliens, because they've always existed, right?

Lyrics and melody by Kaleb HIkele, music by Hikele and Alex Walls.

Sound recording by Kaleb at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio, Riverdale, Toronto, Canada.

More Sun Harmonic at

Enjoy, and don't forget to stream his new EP now on

Apple Music: + Spotify:

Much Love,

The Quite Team

CDTPS Alumni Panel 2018

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to moderate and help organize a wonderful Alumni Panel talk with some great friends from the Drama Program at the Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto in the Helen Gardiner Playhouse where it all began. It was such a delight to connect with these wonderful creators, and to see that they are all still busy working on new exciting projects! Check out the full video in our new Media section and make sure to check out the upcoming projects from these fine artists!

Much Love,